The Promos By Hyphen 2014 WWE Year End Awards

2014 WWE Year End Awards: Daniel Bryan

Last year
, I introduced the concept of the WWE season, running from the Raw after WrestleMania until the curtain closes on the next year’s WrestleMania. These awards reflect upon the events that took place during the 2013-14 WWE season.

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The Promos By Hyphen 2013 WWE Year End Awards

2013 WWE Year End Awards: CM Punk & The Rock

I’m almost done the 2015 WWE Year End Awards, I promise. So for now, please revisit the first annual 2013 WWE Year End Awards. It’ll make me feel better about this column taking two weeks.

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MVP Award: Tyrese – Black Rose


I’ve had this album playing for barely a day.

I wish I could say I’ve sat with it, and have been on it since it’s release date, but that’s not the case this time and it doesn’t have to be. I love R&B. I probably get it from Michael Jackson being the King of the World by the time I was 1 but my previously mentioned love for New Edition didn’t hurt either. By the time I listened to Boyz II Men’s world conquering second album, it was all she wrote.

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B Hyphen – “Play It Back (Clean)” (2013)


You may have noticed from the Smooth Like The Whispers mix, but I finally made a clean edit of “Play It Back” from The Mind’s Mixtape volume 4. The ending of the original is still the best though.

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B Hyphen – “Public Service Announcement” (2005)


This was the first song of mine that E ever heard. And this was the first song of mine to ever be played on the radio, on U92 FM. This song was the anchor of The Mind’s Mixtape volume II, a song that signaled a new era of B Hyphen music, an era that actually meant counting bars. Also, Hov’s version won Rembert’s bracket a few years back and I had uploaded this but never posted it for some reason.

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Smooth Like The Whispers (Mix)


At work, we listen to a lot of CDs, primarily because our only radio options are pop, rock, oldies, or country. Mary is our primary CD maker, but every now and again, I’ll throw a little something together for the people. So this mix is called Smooth Like The Whispers because The Whispers are on it. Apologies if there’s a DJ Kamehameha out there already.

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The Email Exchange: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man & The New Reader


Originally posted August 1, 2012 on Tricycle Offense.

The Email Exchange is exactly what it says: two writers correspond by email until enough of their rambling can be made into one coherent read. In our first edition, my brother from another (and Hip-Hop Manifesto podcast partner), Matthew “Chivalry” Spencer and I discuss the new Ultimate Comics Spider-Man series. Which segues into a intense discussion about new comic fans vs. old comic fans. Points were made, points were argued, but I think it came out well.

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Danyelliott – Relationship Goals

Way back in 2009, (personal hero) Elliott Wilson & wife (love her writing) Danyel Smith decided to do a podcast called Take It Personal under the name of Danyelliott. By the end of 2010, the show had run its course and the couple was on to bigger and better things.

After years of begging, they started a new podcast venture entitled Relationship Goals in honor of their 10th anniversary. I was listening to their 5th episode when they mentioned they needed help getting to the show on iTunes. A few DMs with YN later and I’ve become the official keyholder of the Relationship Goals iTunes court. Like we always do at this time (for iTunes), rate, comment, and subscribe!


Danyelliott Soundcloud

B Hyphen – P. Money’s Wedding/Reception Freestyle

Left Profit’s reception/party, heard Drake’s “Charged Up”, went to the grocery store, freestyled in the car a cappella before I went home. You’re all welcome.

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My Boss’s Free Haircut

I spent 10 years focusing on music. Writing rhymes, making songs, crafting several mixtapes, until eventually, my debut album Soon You’ll Understand was released in March of 2014. If you’ve made it this far into the site, you’ve surely noticed the album on the front page, available for free download right now. But before I started recording music in earnest in 2004, I had another hobby. I was a writer for two sites, Marvel & DC Anthology, sites I started in 2000 and 2001 respectively shortly after I discovered fanfiction.

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