Danyelliott – Relationship Goals

Way back in 2009, (personal hero) Elliott Wilson & wife (love her writing) Danyel Smith decided to do a podcast called Take It Personal under the name of Danyelliott. By the end of 2010, the show had run its course and the couple was on to bigger and better things.

After years of begging, they started a new podcast venture entitled Relationship Goals in honor of their 10th anniversary. I was listening to their 5th episode when they mentioned they needed help getting to the show on iTunes. A few DMs with YN later and I’ve become the official keyholder of the Relationship Goals iTunes court. Like we always do at this time (for iTunes), rate, comment, and subscribe!


Danyelliott Soundcloud

B Hyphen – P. Money’s Wedding/Reception Freestyle

Left Profit’s reception/party, heard Drake’s “Charged Up”, went to the grocery store, freestyled in the car a cappella before I went home. You’re all welcome.

My Boss’s Free Haircut

I spent 10 years focusing on music. Writing rhymes, making songs, crafting several mixtapes, until eventually, my debut album Soon You’ll Understand was released in March of 2014. If you’ve made it this far into the site, you’ve surely noticed the album on the front page, available for free download right now. But before I started recording music in earnest in 2004, I had another hobby. I was a writer for two sites, Marvel & DC Anthology, sites I started in 2000 and 2001 respectively shortly after I discovered fanfiction.

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Moves Like Curtis: The Podcast – Episode #6: 2013 NFL Preview (Guest: Zach Joiner)


In the finale of the 2013 NFL preseason, Zach “Spideydude” Joiner is back with Tom (Kelen and Paul bailed, shame shame) to deliver the 2013 NFL Preview! Containing: Richard Seymour is still eating chicken, how the NFC West has become one of the best divisions in the NFL within 3 seasons, the Steelers get compared to a 1975 VW Rabbit, Tom wants JJ Watt to destroy Tom Brady, more Gabbert bashing, Zach’s high school football team got thumped by Ryan Tannehill, Tom thinks both New York football teams will fire coaches after this season, and the show turns into Moves Like Big Papi with a little MLB talk! There’s only one way to see if Tom can correctly pick the Super Bowl winner again, so why haven’t you pressed play yet?

Moves Like Curtis: The Podcast – Episode #6: 2013 NFL Preview (Guest: Zach Joiner)

B Hyphen – The Mind’s Mixtape volume 4 (2013)

The sister project of Soon You’ll Understand as I was writing and recording both at the same time. AKA my resignation letter from The Shoe Dept.

3 Favorites

  1. “Play It Back”
  2. “Sober (DITB 2)”
  3. “8 x Four”

B Hyphen – The Mind’s Mixtape volume 4

Nocturne Travel Agency Podcast – Episode #6: Jack Ketchum

Tom’s guest this episode is renowned horror author Jack Ketchum! From his humble beginnings, his time as Jerzy Livingston, his thoughts on some other horror writers, the importance of thanking the writers and artists who came before you, Splatterpunk, The Girl Next Door, how real life inspires his work, his experience with taking his books to the big screen, advice for aspiring writers, upcoming projects, and more!

Nocturne Travel Agency Podcast – Episode #6: Jack Ketchum

Hip-Hop Manifesto – Episode #13: Why Hip-Hop Still?

In this episode, the guys come full circle to the topic of their very first episode, only with an updated spin: Why hip-hop still? Including, but not limited to: Wedding talk! Matt thinks a lot of music he used to love doesn’t hold up! Kelen makes a case for sampling! How “Started From The Bottom” and Kendrick Lamar brought Kelen back from the brink! More talk of how they listen to less conscious rap! How Matt learned how to love other genres from hip-hop! “There’s a hip-hop song for every moment that I need to get through my day!” Kelen reminisces on What’s The 411! Too much music?! Kelen’s favorite 2Pac song! And so much more like that one Fat Joe song! Your favorite podcast is back again, so you better press play before we start charging a fee!

Hip-Hop Manifesto – Episode #13: Why Hip-Hop Still?

Predicting the 2015 NBA Playoffs: Conference Finals

Second Round Results: 2-2 (8-4)

Two Sundays ago, the Bulls were seconds away from forcing overtime in Game 4, an overtime period that I’m convinced they would’ve won to go up 3-1 on the Cavs. Now they’re at home after giving up in Game 6 and about to lose their best head coach since Phil Jackson. Seconds away. Final four time.

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Uneducated Guesses About the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Conference Finals

Second Round Results: 4-0 (10-2)

I’ve been guessing these series pretty well, but I still don’t know enough for you to trust me. Final four time.

Eastern Conference

#1 New York Rangers v. #3 Tampa Bay Lightning – Rangers are hot now. Should beat Tampa Bay in 5.

Western Conference

#1 Anahiem Ducks v. #3 Chicago Blackhawks – This will be a slugfest. I have Chicago in 7 games, but I’m regretting this as I write only because I feel like I’m putting the failed hopes of the Bulls on their shoulders now. Don’t hate me Blackhawks fans. I just want the Chi to win in general. Unless it’s the Bears. Or the White Sox. Even I have a soft spot for the Cubs.

Podcasts @ bhyphen.com

I finished redesigning the Podcasts section of the site last week. Every podcast that I’m involved with is here now and well as my guest appearances on other podcast.

  • Hip-Hop Manifesto – Hosted with Matthew “Chivalry” Spencer. Chiv and I take on random topics in the world of hip-hop.
  • Hyphen Nation – A potpourri type show that covers whatever I feel like talking about. All my Victory Jumpoff Radio and Two Webshooters & A Microphone episode are housed here as well.
  • Trike Adventures – Hosted with Anthony Sellers and Thomas Crawford. A roundtable podcast, I (try to) moderate by bringing various topics to talk about, but most of the time everyone makes fun of me. NSFW.
  • The Slobberknocker Chronicles – Hosted with Thomas Crawford. A wrestling podcast, Thomas and I discuss the current state of affairs in the WWE.
  • Moves Like Curtis: The Podcast – Hosted by Thomas Deja. Rising from Tom’s Moves Like Curtis column, this is a NFL podcast covering the latest in league events.
  • Nocturne Travel Agency Podcast – Hosted by Thomas Deja. Tom sits down with a great collection of authors and gets to the nitty gritty of what makes them tick.
  • Mollyfog The Music – Hosted with Thomas Deja. Tom and I give each other 3 songs to listen to and we record our thoughts here. And talk about women. Episodes 1 and 2 coming soon.
  • Guest Appearances – Every trackable appearance I’ve made on other podcasts.