Hip-Hop Manifesto – Episode #8: The 2010 Rock The Bells Review Show

Hip-Hop Manifesto - Episode #8: The 2010 Rock The Bells Review Show

On October 6, 2010, Matt and I sat down to recall our time at that year’s Rock The Bells Festival. A lot has changed for both of us in five years, but I’ll be damned if this episode of Hip-Hop Manifesto doesn’t sound as fresh and funny as when we first put it out.

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Victory Jumpoff Radio – Show #9: From Fayette County To Mr. Dub Vee

Victory Jumpoff Radio - Show #9: Ace Beanz & 6'6 240

I’ve had the urge to dig up this episode of Victory Jumpoff Radio lately and it just so happens to be International Podcast Day! Two birds, one stone.

In this week’s episode of Victory Jumpoff Radio, I shift the focus to an artist that’s from right here in West Virginia, 6’6 240! While 6’s career began with the 304 Reconz in the late 90’s, it was when he began putting out solo material that I discovered his music. In this show, I give you just a small portion of his catalog as I roll out songs from obscure mixtapes through each of his three solo albums. So I invite you to experience something new, something old, and something dope as we celebrate my friend 6’6 240!

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Talking Out Fear The Walking Dead: “Not Fade Away”

Talking Out Fear The Walking Dead

I’ve been watching Fear The Walking Dead and the last episode finally hooked me after three previous episodes of boredom and hating on the characters. There’s still a lot of things I hate (I really have to force myself to just go with it – word to Derrick and Tom) but now that the government is showing a tiny bit of its hand, I’m intrigued. So with less than 3 weeks until The Walking Dead returns (!) and Talking Out The Dead the week after the first episode of Season 6, here’s Talking Out Fear The Walking Dead!

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RE: We’re Giving You Half a Billion Dollars to Spend on Pop Culture. Don’t F*ck It Up.

Half a Billion Dollars: Spider-Man

Heather sent me this as I was leaving Friday. I gave it a quick glance and knew I had to read the whole thing in it’s entirety. It was more than a pleasant surprise when I opened it up this morning considering I’m sleepy and fighting an oncoming cold.

The premise is simple: You have 500,000,000.00 “to spend on whatever entertainment properties you choose”. The only catch? 1. That’s it’s fictional. 2. You have to spend it all. The comments section on Pajiba is filled with all kinds of ideas so of course I had to take my shot at it.

Feel free to chime in but beware: I am fully and readily prepared to debate your ideas ad nauseum. Also, I didn’t think too hard on the budgets so I don’t wanna hear that something isn’t enough money. Money is money dammit.

  • $200 M – A big screen adaptation of Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt
  • $45 M – Renew Better Off Ted on Netflix
  • $45 M – A final season of My Name Is Earl
  • $35 M – Film based on the Granite Mountain Hotshots which I just read about in my GQ from 2013 this morning
  • $35 M – Finance the big screen adaptation of my friend Derrick’s first Dillon book, Dillon And The Voice Of Odin
  • $30 M – One more true final season of 24
  • $20 M – A buddy comedy starring Donald Faison and Zach Braff
  • $20 M – 1 more season of Backstrom
  • $20 M – An Emma Stone/Jennifer Lawrence film
  • $20 M – Jenny Slate/Zach Galifianakis action comedy
  • $15 M – A sequel to the 1995 Super Nintendo game Chrono Trigger in the exact same 16-bit style with new tech where necessary for all gaming systems
  • $15 M – An Indiana Jones animated series


The Brave & The Bold #7 – “Words” (September 11th Remembered)

September 11th: The Batman

A month after the September 11th attacks, I was fully engrossed in running and writing for my two fanfiction sites, Marvel Anthology & DC Anthology. Since Marvel had used Amazing Spider-Man #36 as its response to the tragedy, I wrote my first and so far only Batman story dealing with it as well. Originally released on October 16th, 2001, I give you issue #7 of DCA’s anthology series, The Brave & The Bold: “Words”.

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Why Do I Need To Like It?

Why Do I Need To Like It: Young Thug

Before I get into this, I was wrong. I said an artist sucked purely because I didn’t enjoy their music. As an artist myself, I should know better than to throw around such words just because I don’t like someone’s music. Just because I don’t like their music doesn’t mean that there’s not plenty of people out there who love their music.

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I really like the headers I come up with for the site, so I dedicated a whole page to them.

That’s all.


MVP Award: Jill Scott – Woman

Jill Scott - Woman: Jill Scott's Woman album cover

This Most Valuable Production belongs to Jill Scott for her latest album Woman. The reasoning behind this is along the same lines of why I gave Black Rose this award… but not quite because unlike Black Rose, Jill Scott isn’t known for making a pop R&B album like Tyrese has been known to do. Jill makes soul albums.

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Victory Jumpoff Radio Rises Again (on iTunes)

Victory Jumpoff Radio

After leaving U92’s The Urban Diner the first time in 2008 (I returned for a year with E from 2010-2011), I really wanted to continue doing radio but without the restrictions of terrestial radio, so I knew starting a music podcast was the best route to go. Thus, Victory Jumpoff Radio was born in 2009!

Since then, I managed to do 13 shows over 6 years (1 was by Chiv and the other by Strizy) but I keep coming back to it when I feel inspired to “do radio” so to speak. I’ve been working with Elliott Wilson again on getting his #Thoro Podcast up on iTunes and just to test it, I resubmitted VJR just to see if the feed would get rejected like it did a few years ago.

Instead, VJR is now on iTunes. Prompting me to maybe start doing the show at least monthly again. It’s 25 songs and 6 breaks fer cryin’ out loud.

Here’s the most recent episode.

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B Hyphen – ‘Fit Jammin’ (Official Video?)

B Hyphen - 'Fit Jammin'

Inspired by Junior Senior’s “Move Your Feet”. But this one took a lot less effort. Track 5 on Soon You’ll Understand.

Found a summary of the original cartoon short.

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